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Website keyword selection - in addition to the online tools and Excel spreadsheets

2013/7/29      view:
There are usually more than one way to do anything, including keywords to optimize your website. Generally, people use the online keyword generator and keyword selection, to determine the most suitable for, their content online, this is the best policy. Some people even go further, do their own work, pull up the Excel spreadsheet after using Google search keyword competition, using the keyword index formula. This can help you see the key finder tool to get their information, but it doesn't really give you the value of a keyword, do nothing, to help you identify the best fitting your website and content of the keyword. The reality is that know how to make the real-time generated keywords, more studies are needed on the mass flow ratio, but it is not generally more complicated. Here are some other quick way that can further help you find the most suitable for your website's keywords.
Never sacrifice the quality. This means not only select the keyword can easily be found on the basis of using spreadsheets and some online keyword tools of high flow and low competition value, but to ensure that your keywords into their own style, target audience and the overall content. For example, if you write a simple way, tone, do not use the key words are not suitable for you.
Think of the phrase, rather than just strange. A word like "camera" at the center of the content, may produce a lot of traffic, but it's shallow and too general. "Nikon SLR camera" more accurate, more specific and will be more focus and keep traffic.
Awareness of global terms. "Nappy", here in the United States also has "diapers" or "nap" in the UK. It may help to increase your traffic, and in some cases, is a better choice depends on your content.
Don't confuse your audience, and with your web site's intention is clear. The second someone access to your website, I feel confused or deceive in any way, they will leave. This is your choice of content and keywords have a lot of things to do. Do not use keywords, just because they have no intention of, by generating traffic
Enter your audience ask, and from people who have been in business for a long time to ask for some advice. You should not only know your audience thinks, but what kind of work do you want to know the old-timers, why. These are the views of the source, you should cherish the money as soon as possible.
Don't overuse of keywords or key phrases. Someone said, the use of certain keywords in your content is 4-9% of the sweet spot, but the best thing to do is just with you, because they are no more suitable.
Some creative ideas and open mind, you can combine these methods keyword index value of raw data, and find out a good system to maximize your keywords and key phrases of the choice of offer you high quality traffic to your websites and online business needs. Don't just stay on key generator. If you put a further practice, you will begin to see more sales, more repeat customers, your web site and the general revival.