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Android Internet traffic is the absolute dominance

2013/7/29      view:
Samsung devices based on android Internet traffic will be how much? Well, it's a pretty big piece. According to related research reveals the latest statistics show that samsung accounted for about 47% of the north American market android Internet traffic.
Compared to other companies, samsung is vastly superior, advantage is quite obvious, HTC (9.7%), MOTOROLA (9.5%), amazon (8.8%), LG (8.3%), zte (2.5%) and Google (2.5%), and from this data to see samsung has dominated the android, with absolute advantages dominated the android mobile Internet terminal, hogged the android Internet flow, became the dominant of android Internet traffic.
So what on earth is equipment for samsung android Internet traffic is the merit of the absolute powers? Samsung's Galaxy S3 almost dominate, covering 32% of samsung's smartphone devices. Although samsung has released April S4. The samsung Galaxy S3's performance is quite well. Research firm also pointed out at the same time, samsung's "overall marketing budget decisions for samsung's success also played an important role.