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Downtime is very terrible

2013/7/29      view:
Downtime also called crashed, we daily use of computers will also often meet outage, outage the damage to the user but can small, common to the outage is Windows world famous "blue screen", ordinary users just restart will return to normal. But for large technology companies, downtime, no small matter, light small, heavy, very miserably. Such as the recent domestic tencent micro letter outage apple outage.
Tencent micro letter is the domestic mobile the myth, relying on the advantages of the powerful group of qq users just born soon more than 300 million users, the micro letter momentum of development is inevitable, but recently and because of its small outage directly lead to the market value of the micro letter to exceed hk $, on sina weibo, netizens have also published their own vomit slot, "hung up the micro letter?" Etc in the sina weibo is also have such doubt, others above ridicule micro letter... Visible micro letter serious the impact of the outage, but still more tolerance and understanding of the masses of users, the outage was not the letter of micro damage spread further;
Is the outage of apple, the apple company development site outage is the most direct influence the user experience, always like to hang the user experience in the mouth of the apple is injured a lot ah, what is more, apple's developer site outage attracts a lot of illegal molecules to apple "salt", and the opportunity to send phishing emails - disguised as apple official E-mail to defraud the user's account password, the apple company and its users around the world is a big pain, to be sure this outage will definitely bring considerable damage to apple.
Downtime reason has a lot of, is a network failure, tencent micro letter as mentioned above, because according to a tencent outage due to got the cable cut; 2 it is hardware problem; Three is the operating system problem; Four is an issue itself, due to the unreasonable development, result in CPU overload operation resulting in outage, this is often appeared in small and medium-sized enterprises; Last is the problem by the tool, the development of apple website outage is caused by the hacker's attack.
Downtime is terrible, we can't afford to injury, a large technology company is more can't afford to injury, easily lost million level.