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Different USES of cheap Linux VPS server

2013/7/29      view:
Why people often prefer to choose the most cheap Linux VPS with Windows VPS solution where there are a lot of reasons. One of the main reason is cost. Based on Linux server solution cost cheaper than Windows based server solution, because the latter's own licensing fees, and Linux is an open source operating system, it's free to download. You may want to know if Linux can be in the market is so free, how is reliable when it comes to providing server platform?
Linux is reliable?
Based on Linux servers have been used for years, even on Windows server begins popularity. Therefore, it is the most stable operating system choice. Are based on Linux VPS server usually do not have any technical glitches and running stable.
Based on the advantage of Linux VPS plans
Even if you choose to be a cheap Linux VPS services, you will have many choices of RAM and the server space designated by you. This is a very good range provided by the transmission bandwidth, this makes sense, when a high traffic inflows on its website. This means that, even with high Internet traffic flow into, can be sure that their web applications will run smooth, don't lose to the audience and customers. Security is another big advantage to get more cheap Linux VPS solution. If there is any chance, you will have a hacker invasion to your system. Safety because there are many people who work on a physical server, as a result, any breach of security will affect tens of thousands of end users on a VPS plan. At the same time This will lead to the performance of a virtual host, this is to prevent a fall at all costs. Uptime guarantee, when selecting a cheap Linux VPS plans. Network hosts want to ensure that their customer is not the downtime, as a result, 99.9% of the time the uptime guarantee that such a plan.