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the hard to spread the failure of the enterprise

2013/8/8      view:
Is the spread of the traditional methods, which takes up time or space or manufacturing users, the spread of the mandatory information. For example, one of the most classic TV Ad is through grabs user time, to achieve communication goals. Similarly also is the bus stop and subway tiles before television, movies, the Ad form more or less some mandatory, or when you are bored for a long time. Take up the case of user space, such as various bannerAd, pop-up Ad of portal, as well as newspaper and magazine Ad, these Ad form mandatory relatively weak, but will gain attention by taking up space, you can click on, can also be ignored.
Whether holding time, or take up the space, the spread of enterprise mostly is hard to spread is given priority to, why can hard to spread in the media can effectively? The reason is that you can find the user space and the space time.
But in the form of media, mobile Internet or a smartphone, space and time are extreme compression, let enterprise hard to spread play space greatly reduced.
Users using a smartphone's main function is to brush micro-blog chat, listen to music e-books, play games look at web pages off a large portion of the function is operational, people with cell phones in constant interaction, the focus of attention all the time between the friend chats, or games on the scene, or news on the web, or weibo content, assuming that at this moment the pop-up hard to spread the whole screen, believe that all users are not acceptable. This is the smartphone, users will not give hard time leeway.
In the same way on the space also is very difficult to play. Because of the limited screen size, so the current Ad USES the way of a large part of all is to take up below 1/5 the size of the pop-up Ad on the screen. Through qualitative investigation indicates that the pop-up Ad effect on smartphone very weak (and much weaker than the TV Ad impression to users, and other forms of Ad), the reason is that users in the use of mobile phones, the function of focus completely on the APP itself, any popup information rarely take the initiative to focus on, if attention, ohlendorf activity to enter the Ad is about to end, for users, in space and time are not allowed.