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VPS lease after-sales service

Provides the server environment configuration and common software to assist installation services, does not provide any software maintenance, website construction, management, and other aspects of the service, the software copyright, management and maintenance of all is responsible by the users themselves. After formal use suggested change your WINDOWS password, FTP (Serv -u) passwords, user the Mysql Root password, MSSQL user SA password, please enable WINDOWS's own firewall, and reasonable exception with your programs and port. Hyper-v platform of VPS systems need to be updated to ensure the safety! If you have any question, please contact our technical support.

VPS opening are not satisfied with a full refund within 3 days after! No longer provide a stranger don't pay to try!

Server lease after-sales service

Configure the environment for free

Free for handling user data

We are committed to, the problems on the server (unless a user error) we will do our best to solve for it