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Domain name problem

What is the Internet domain name?

Internet domain name is a server on the Internet or a network name, all over the world, no repeat of the domain name. Domain name is in the form of a number of English letters and Numbers, by the ". "separated into several parts, such as is a domain name. From the perspective of social science, the domain name has become part of the Internet culture. From the business domain name has been honored as "enterprise online trademark". None of the companies do not take the product logo, trademark, and the importance of the domain name and its value, companies have also been all over the world know.

What is the DNS?

DNS is the domestic domain name or international domain names, and etc. After the domain name application of Chinese domain names to the IP address of the conversion process. IP address is a numeric address identifies your site on the Internet, in order to simple and easy to remember and use domain names instead of IP address identifies the site address. Domain name analytical work performed by the DNS server.

How will I apply for the domain name resolution to my site?

If you have in our company at the same time apply for VPS hosting, and domain name DNS is our, the host application, you will be on your domain name to bind to host at the same time, our company staff will work for you through analytic; If your space is not in our company, but the DNS domain name is our company, please put the domain name resolution on your VPS server IP, then to the VPS host bind the domain name management center.

What is A record?

A (Address) record is used to specify the host name (or domain) the IP Address of the corresponding records. Users can use the domain name of the web server to your own web server. Subdomain can also set up your domain name.

What is a MX record?

Mail routing record, the user can use the domain name under the mail server pointing to their own mail server, then free to control all the email setting. You only need to fill in online to your server's IP address, can will mail under your domain name all turn to your own set of corresponding mail server.

What is the TTL value?

TTL value full name is "survival Time (Time To Live)", simply put it with DNS records in the DNS cache on the server Time. To understand the TTL value, please look at the following example: assume that there is a domain name (in fact, this is a DNS record, usually expressed in the domain has a named host myhost) corresponding to the IP address for, its TTL for 10 minutes. This domain name, or the records stored in a table called DNS server.

What is the difference between domain name and web site?

A complete url examples are as follows: Corresponding to the domain name of this site is tenhome. Cn people build a WWW information after the host domain name to name for it. At this point, the name of the host is called the WWW. The domain name. When visitors to access the host, the browser will be to specify HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Protocol send data requests to the host. To this end, we describe a complete url will be prefixed with http://.

Servers and VPS

What is the difference between servers and VPS?

Server is independent of the real hardware devices. It is also a high-end computer. He is in a room to run. Mainly for website and some software application platform. Virtual servers and VPS is. He is to use the software on the server virtual. Also is to allocate part of the memory. The hard disk. To build a virtual server. There are also independent IP, as well as the operating system. The function and use method and the server is the same. They are the biggest difference is that the server is real. The VPS is virtual. In addition, under the same configuration. Under the condition of performance than a VPS server.

Rent the server? Or rent a VPS?

First, of course, from the configuration, when configuration phase at the same time, must be the server, after all is the real configuration of VPS just virtual from it, more or less with real configuration is a little gap. In terms of price, much more expensive than a VPS server, VPS price will show up. According to own actual situation to choose a VPS and server can make a good choice in line with their own actual situation.