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Professional design

Store network has mature experience in site planning and production, have professional website construction personnel, to provide users with high-quality web services;

Standard service

Purchased from the store network domain name registration, virtual hosting, enterprise post office and website promotion and other services, customers will have the reasonable price to ensure service requirements and specifications;

A dragon

You can directly buy in store network including domain name registration, virtual hosting, enterprise post office, website promotion and other products;

The price is reasonable

Strictly according to the competing network technologies of website would offer price to your clients, customers will have the reasonable price guarantee;

Personalized service

Store network site intention form received your submission and contact you, by directly provide advisory and site service for you; Or by email, instant messaging, phone etc to provide professional services;

Website promotion

After consign is used on your website, if you need to store network will provide you more professional website promotion combination plan;

The website construction process steps

Step 1: customer demand is put forward

Customer orders by phone, email or online way put forward their website construction aspect of "basic needs". The content includes: 1, the company introduction; 2, item description; 3, the basic site functional requirements; 4, the basic design requirements

Step 2: design the site plan

First of all, according to the requirement of the enterprise and actual situation, design suitable for site plan of the enterprise. Is to choose the virtual host services, or to purchase the server; According to the enterprise menus style; All according to enterprise's actual need to select the most suitable is the best.

Step 3: the query's bid to host the domain name

According to the needs of enterprise, the decision is the international domain name or domain name in China. Domain name is enterprise's signature on the Internet, it is a name, does not affect the functionality of the site and the technology. If is the international domain name registration, you must apply to the international Internet network management center; The domestic domain name to the service center of China's Internet registration.

Step 4: system planning website

Website is the company's products and services information platform, so the content is very important. A good web site, not just an online picture of enterprise and product catalogue, it must also give visitors, namely the enterprise's potential customers to provide convenient browsing navigation, the dynamic structure of reasonable design, suitable for enterprise business development of functional components, such as, product information release system Information display system, etc., enrich practical and interactive space. We will according to the customer's simple material, carefully planned, submit a copy of site construction plan book.

Step 5: determine the cooperation

Both sides with methods such as interviews, telephone or email, in view of the content of the project and specific requirements. After both sides confirm, sign the website construction contract and pay the advance payment 50% website construction.

Step 6: web content

According to the website construction plan book, by the client organization a columns associated with enterprise web site content material (electronic document text and images, etc.), we will processing the relevant words and images in detail, design, production, typesetting, scan, this process requires the customer to cooperate actively.

Step 7: web design, manufacture, modification

Once the website's content and structure, the next step is for web design and development of the program. Web design is about the image of the enterprise, a good web design, can be in the information released at the same time to the company's intention and objective make accurate interpretation. Many international big companies are willing to spend huge input on the design of the web page. We have professional technical staff, will provide you with the most professional web design, make your site performance, come to the fore.

Step 8: website submitted to customer review and release

Website design, manufacture, modification, after the completion of the program development, submitted to the customer audit, after customer confirm, pay the balance of the website construction. At the same time, running programs and related files uploaded to the site server, now officially opened and released online.

Step 9: web site promotion and after-sales service

Built a home on the Internet, is the Internet an important symbol of the enterprise, but also is not equal to say can be done. Because a novel design, fully functional web site, if no one come to see you don't work. In order to let more people to visit company website, must have a detailed and professional web site promotion plan, including the famous login web search engine, online advertising, E-mail group promotion, Logo link exchange and so on. This part is particularly important, professional network marketing promotion planning is indispensable. Authority network can give you search engine log on at home and abroad to provide services, portal, classified ads, distributed mass email advertising, electronic magazine, SMT and other promotional program. In addition, we will according to your specific needs, according to your request and authorization, and the content on your web page to appropriately modify, update, maintenance services.