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Search engine optimization (seo) is the network marketing is the first choice

1. Network marketing is not just a website:

In today's more than 500 million Internet users, the network marketing is any enterprise cannot resist the huge market, if just do a web site without a site promotion, it is like a box of business CARDS printed in a drawer where it will dry up, without any effect to the enterprise;

2. Search engine is the best way to promote:

More than 400 million Internet users preferred baidu search engine to find information, such as through search engines to customers intentionality is strongest, the most likely to buy your product or service, the time is urgent, is the enterprise website promotion first choice;

3. SEO let how search engines rank:

After looking for website optimization company completes the ranking, not only in baidu, Google, sogou, the search, youdao, etc famous search engine also can have very good rankings effect. "Spend the same money for six sample don't pass each potential target customers

4. Low cost SEO, avoid malicious click:

SEO optimization promotion cost is far lower than the bidding; Another natural ranking click zero cost, which can effectively avoid encountering malicious click when bidding;

5. Bid with complementary, reveal enterprise brand advantage:

Most of the high-end users, search only click on natural ranking results, website SEO ranking is a necessary complement for nature; Web site in the search results, is "value, have the power" the visual performance.

SEO service content

A whole optimization, website, etc

ZhengZhan optimization is based on the site location, structure and the overall optimization of the site's content, make sure all pages have a search engine friendly website to ensure the page content by search engines included, to each big search engine has higher good overall performance.

First of all, through the analysis of the site location, let the site will be more clear to find users. Make site as a whole towards more tend to users demand. So the key to the site location optimization is to find the site's user base. And with the development and progress of site updates in a timely manner. A website only attracted to a certain number of users, which has a high profile cases can only be attention by customer. So as to achieve the implementation of the profit. So to make the user want to see stand is the major premise to realize revenue. In popular word to describe.

Secondly, establish the effective website localization, secondly is to around the site location, structure and theme content from the site, site positioning as the core is optimized. To get rid of users are seldom used and reduce user don't want to see content. Around the user's attention to improve site content.

Then, in the ensure search engine friendly sex can have two main contents:

First: the content of the guarantee issued by search engines. Through the optimization of long tail keywords distribution and choice, make the page more chance to be search engine included. On the whole to increase website traffic effectively. With the increase of traffic implements the site overall ranking.

Second: to improve target keyword rankings. Often pay attention to the distribution site keyword density, increase the target keyword rankings. Pay attention to keywords level of attention and the distribution of the front page.

Second, the natural ranking keywords

In the search engine ranking can be roughly divided into two categories. Bidding and natural rankings.


Bidding is the basic characteristics of PPC, promote information appear in the search results, if not by the user, click on the promotion fee is not charged.

Natural ranking

Namely according to the procedure according to the established rules of search engine analysis of ranking, namely through the optimization can be ranked.

Difference between bidding and natural rankings:

1, the bidding work fast, prepaid phone can immediately enter the set keyword prices after baidu ranked top 10, position can be controlled; The effect of natural ranking is gradually manifested after optimization implementation.

2, bidding and natural ranking also is in the left column rank, but before the bidding is located in the natural ranking, once the bidding quantity too much, the most advantageous location and the first page of the undercut (see Mr Gekoski casts Bernie's eyes track the research).

3, bidding, and apparently there is a difference between natural ranking cost, bidding each click will generally produce a few hair to more than ten yuan, when have some clicks, the cost is considerable; For natural ranking service, general is according to certain ranking charge a fixed fee, in the long run cost is far lower than the bidding.

4, due to the higher cost of bidding, generally not suitable for small and medium enterprises on the long-term investment; Reason for the relative economic, cost-effective natural ranking service, up-front investment is not big, the late maintenance fees upfront investment is lower relatively, so the same input can maintain effect longer.

Three, BBS, blog marketing (including, weibo, etc.)
SEO website external promotion includes what content?

1, the content of the write high quality soft wen promotion

2, related to content with you website link exchanges

3, the classification of land like DMOZ directory

4, send emails to potential customers

5, BBS marketing

6, the blog marketing