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360-degree image is introduced

Product display 360 degrees, it is to point to will product ring 360 degrees, and then through the image processing technology, image splicing technology, Flash technology for making can drag with the mouse on the computer and network to watch any Angle of Flash 3 d animation video.

Is 360 degrees products display technology, global rapid development and gradually popular a kind of visual technology. Product display 360 degrees, as one of the most close to the physical display, it is becoming a new trend, and the application of domestic e-commerce in jingdong mall, the spanish-american fashion, the net, wheat bags, newegg etc. The application of electronic commercial platform web site can see it.

Use 360 degrees products display technology, can improve product sell-through rate, reduce the refund amount, the decrease of the maximum error of consumer expectations, and enhance consumer satisfaction and rate of merchants.

Pictures show 360 degrees