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Baidu promotion summary

Baidu promotion is by baidu inc. (the world's largest Chinese search engine company, after buying the service enterprises, through the register to submit a certain number of keywords, its promotional information will first appear in Internet search results accordingly. Is simply when users use a keyword search, related to the keywords in the search results page of advertising content. Because the keyword advertising is in particular keywords retrieval, to appear in a prominent location in the search results page. Such as: enterprise owner registered in baidu "BGSEM" submitted the keywords, when consumers or users in search of "BGSEM" information, enterprise will give priority to be found, baidu according to the actual clicks (potential customer access number) to collect fees, each effective click fees range from a few cents to several dollars, determined by the competition of enterprise products.

Baidu promotion principle

Why choose us

The volume of customers of tube

1, usually about 100 to a customer service management to a web site
2, set up fine, coarse, words should be chosen less qualified
3, invalid cost is greater than the limited cost

One-on-one service, focus on service

1, a customer service management only an account
2, set up fine, choose words accurate, more understand your website
3, reduce useless expense limited

Baidu's customer service
Store service commissioner
Spending like snowball, more and more big

1, the competition is more and more strong, offer more and more high
2, responsible account set up, management confusion
3, more and more money, less customers

Professional make efficient

1, the specialized engineers to optimize account
2, the word choice is reasonable, offer accurate
3, the day-to-day monitoring and control costs

Product sales customer service
Store optimization division
Target customer visit erosion is serious

1, the website do not, can not attract customers
2, no project, do not leave the customer
3, online consulting services can't do it well

To attract customers, to retain customers

1, web site marketing optimization attract got customer
2, set up project, to retain customers
3, will visit to clinch a deal

Services to provide customer service
Store customer service commissioner