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400 is introduced

Phone number is 400 in the 800 telephone based on the new development of upgrade products. Across the country, calling the user (mobile phones, PHS, fixed-line) just dial 400 TeFuHao ten yards, do not need to dial the area code, can be in accordance with the enterprise business user preset scheme, block the call directly to the specified by the customer's phone number or call center. The business is focused on China communications industry enterprise brand service, reduce customer communication cost, control the whole phone effect, prevent malicious call problems and to create value-added telecom business.

Use 400 phone

  • A, can promote the enterprise image

    Using a 400 phone clear now enterprise strength and service quality, and big companies stand in the same column, promote enterprise's brand and image quickly.

  • Second, can improve the effect of advertising

    Let enterprise's potential customers more willing to use 400 phone dial telephone companies, further increases the customer communication time.

  • Three, can increase the trust

    Use 400 phones can give customers to customer first, focus on customer service, increase customer confidence in the enterprise.

  • Four, can enhance customer satisfaction

    Use 400 phones can let enterprise phone never busy, let users linked to the enterprise, more satisfied with the service of the enterprise.

  • Fifth, can avoid the loss of customer resources

    400 phone is unified national number, will not change because the company move or employee turnover number, reduces the loss of enterprises.

  • Six, is 800 free phone upgrade

    800 telephone only fixed telephone call; 400 share phone number, avoid malicious harassment, also support phone call.

  • Opening the 400 number process

    Please first see 400 platform, and you can use the right number.

    Contact customer service, my company confirmation number if you can open, and open the information you need.

    Online to fill out to apply for the order and pay, the first opening need to pay the advance payment of full 12 months minimum, detail please refer to the above package fee standards.

    Usually, we will help you within 24 hours your 400 number.